If it is a thing of the septic tank, it is Bunka Kojokai Co.,Ltd

Welcome if it is aIf it is a thing of the septic tank, it is Bunka Kojokai Co.,Ltd
A company of the septic tank cleaning that there is in the Nakamura Chichibu-shi Saitama-ken                                    



Last updated date April The 21th, 2009

It is a waterfall of Otaki immovable Tout.

Question to management, cleaning, and use of septic tank

Septic tank cleaning hope day and time zone and cleaning method

Please introduce the acquaintance.

The tie-up, the cooperation company, and the employee wanted.

Company overview

General urine collection request

Tie-up, correspondent firm, and links

Update history

Law related to septic tank

Business hours and
closed day
Business days
8:00AM of weekday -
The holiday
Saturday, Sunday, the
holiday and the festival
Festival December 3 for the night
festival even on the
It becomes a rest.
The New Year's
The holiday
December 29th -
January 3rd
beginning day
Only the telephone
receipt on January 4
It does.
Acceptance at
new year
Until 9:00AM-3:00PM


Making allowances for and the cleaning work take a rest from
December 29 to January 6.  Friday, January 4 only for telephone
receptionists come to support it.

January 4 is beginning of the acceptance of the telephone at about
9:00AM. The end schedules about 3:00PM.

The collection work will begin on the fifth.


 It is Otaki immovable Toutocda.

3-5-30 Nakamura,


Saitama japan 

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